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Property Accounting

Property is New Zealand’s largest industry, making up 15% of our economy. It’s also a complex industry that requires specialised knowledge. At Harvie Green Wyatt, we can assist you in all areas of residential and commercial property. Whether you’re thinking about starting a real estate investment portfolio or you need advice on selling your family home – our professional team has the experience and the insights to guide you through it. 


Property investment accounting 

Property investment has become increasingly popular among New Zealanders who want to build their wealth. However, real estate accounting can be difficult, so finding the right advisor is vital for achieving your property investment goals. We’ve helped many New Zealand property investors over the years, from beginners to those with large portfolios. 

Why choose Harvie Green Wyatt for your property accounting?

Our team can offer advice on maximising your investment, sorting out your property tax returns and help with cash outflows, such as expenses for maintenance and landscaping. The rules and regulations around property investment aren’t always easy to understand, but they need to be followed nonetheless. That’s why it’s sensible to talk to an accountant that specialises in property. 

We have the experience and knowledge, so you won't have to navigate the complex property tax and rental accounting area on your own.

How we can help

Our property investment services include: 

  • Forecast of revenue returns, financial position and growth
  • Establishing your investment strategy
  • Optimise your real estate portfolio
  • Raise equity and debt
  • Plan and structure your operations

In addition to property investment, we regularly help our clients with: 

  • Advice on property purchase
  • Reviews of lease agreements
  • Funding advice
  • Guidance in tax minimisation
  • Ownership structure advice

For a free first consultation to discuss your property investment accounting, contact us today to schedule an appointment.