Accounting and Tax

Accounting and Tax Services

At Harvie Green Wyatt, we take care of all your accounting needs, such as preparing your annual accounts and helping with periodic account management for tax, business appraisal and planning purposes. Whether you’re a sole trader, small business or a larger company, you can leave your accounting and tax duties with our professional and experienced team. 



Save money in your business 

Taxation can be a high cost. And let’s face it, as a business owner, you need to save money wherever you can. We know how to minimise taxation costs as much as possible. By working closely with you and getting to know your business, we can minimise your tax payments and help you achieve your business objectives. All of our advisers share the same goal – to help you succeed in your business. 

Do what you do best, and let us handle the rest

Your area of expertise is likely something other than tax forms and complex spreadsheets. And you probably didn’t become a business owner to deal with all of that, on top of what you already have on your plate. So instead of letting business matters and annual tax returns be a stress factor in your business, pass it over to a team of competent professionals and spend your time focusing on your business instead. Do what you do best. 

We work proactively 

Our consulting team are well versed in dealing with different matters, which means we offer advice based on proven knowledge and experience. Working proactively, we ensure that our services are consistently over the benchmark, and that’s how we continue to build long-term relationships with our much-valued clients. You can rest assured that our team has the competence to help you with whatever accounting requests you have. 

Ongoing support 

One of the many benefits of working with us is the ongoing support we offer, and that’s why many clients stay with us long-term. We make sure we don’t leave you hanging with whatever business or accounting problems you're facing. With relevant information and smart advice, we’ll guide you through your business accounting needs. 

An overview of our accounting and tax services: 

  • Personal and company tax returns and advice on tax payment.
  • Help with GST/FBT/ACC obligations.
  • Advice on and implementation of tax-effective trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation.
  • Assistance with IRD tax audits, objections and appeals.
  • Guidance on areas of difficulty to sustain “a reasonably arguable position”.
  • Tax effective financing and business structures.
  • Tax planning for company groups, including effective use of losses.
  • Tax litigation support.
  • Planning and advising on acquisitions, takeovers and mergers.

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