Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Harvie Green Wyatt has qualified people to assist you with any dispute resolution issues 

Our team is able to assist with 

  • Arbitration 
  • Mediation 
  • Property relationship Matters 
  • Share Valuations 
  • Business Valuations 

Our team of experts can help resolve your issues by:

  • Discussing and identifying what matters are in a dispute
  • Researching settlement options and finding solutions for you 
  • Determining and organising different needs and interests
  • Documenting settlements and final agreements

We have the knowledge and expertise for all types of disputes, including commercial, farming, finance and family. So you can feel confident that your advisor at Harvie Green Wyatt understands your unique situation. 

If you're interested in using arbitration or mediation to settle a dispute, please contact us with any questions or to book an appointment.