Harvie Green Wyatt Remote Support Services

Terms and Conditions of Use

Harvie Green Wyatt's remote support services are provided to allow our technology support staff to access your computer systems remotely without having to be on-site. This allows us to provide a responsive and efficient support service for your organisation.

By using Harvie Green Wyatt's remote support services you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Systems Access: You are allowing the Harvie Green Wyatt staff member access to your computer systems for the purposes of systems support only. Access to your computer system is granted by your permission only - our technology support staff members have no facility to access your systems unless you accept the connection. Should you wish, you may disconnect the technology support staff member at any time.
  2. Limitation of Liability: You understand that by using this facility, our technology support staff members have the capability to be able to upload files (data and applications) to your computer system and may choose to use this facility for providing support purposes from time to time. You accept that Harvie Green Wyatt is not liable for damage caused to your systems as a result of any virus, malware or faulty application or device driver introduced by us using this facility. Harvie Green Wyatt will take all reasonable steps to ensure this does not occur, but cannot be held liable should such a situation arise.
  3. The remote control service used to access your computer systems is provided by TeamViewer ( Harvie Green Wyatt uses this facility in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for any fault or limitation in the TeamViewer product, nor any malicious activity or application that may exploit any weakness in the TeamViewer product where Harvie Green Wyatt was not aware of such weakness.
  4. Cost of Service: Harvie Green Wyatt reserves the right to levy a charge for the use of this remote access facility. Any charge levied will be on a per-job basis only, and will be set at LESS than any charge for on-site services. Hourly rates for support services via this remote access facility are the same as for support services provided on-site.
  5. Confidentiality: Harvie Green Wyatt agrees to keep confidential any information that we may obtain or observe during our remote access session and will ask your permission before copying any information from your computer to our systems.

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