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The most valuable asset in your business is your staff. In recognition of this, and in line with our desire to help you make the most of your business, we provide an HR consulting service. By providing you with the best HR team, we are able to guide you into getting the absolute best out of  your team.

There are several key areas we are able to assist with:

Employment Relations

Includes advice on employment agreements, employment legislation, and employee policies and procedures.

Health & Safety

Includes assistance with the implementation of systems to ensure compliance with legislation, training on health and safety, and assistance with ACC audits.

Recruitment & Selection

Includes assistance with advertising for employees, shortlisting and interviewing, reference checking, and psychometric testing.


Includes support in administering the payroll, advice on remuneration levels, and guidance with incentive and bonus schemes.

Performance Management

Includes assistance in identifying performance measurement criteria, training in how to carry out performance appraisals, guidance for managers in dealing with non-performance problems.

Strategic HR

Involves aligning HR strategies with business objectives to ensure the development of a team to drive the improvement of business performance.

Team Building

Includes personality test implementation to aid resolution of communication problems, and team building workshops.

Change Management

Includes implementing plans to achieve change in the workplace, training managers to guide their team throughout the change process, and outplacement services such as counseling and interview coaching.

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